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Wnter Wonder - Christmas Music Artwork

Winter Wonder - Sheet music is now available here

Since creating My Favourite Time of Year, I've been developing a Florin Street Christmas story which includes twelve new songs. Winter Wonder is the first to have its own music video. I don't want to give too much of the story away at this stage, but The Winter Wonder is a party that the townsfolk decide to put on towards the end of the story. It's been a tough year for them and their love of Christmas and music is reflected in the upbeat, celebratory style of the song. It is purposely very different from My Favourite Time of Year, as are the rest of the new songs I've written. I felt it was important to try to make another music video to keep the momentum going whilst the musical is developed into a film / animation. These things take time so I want the fans to be happy and to be able to enjoy the music without giving too much of the story away.

Whilst working on the new songs and videos I've been talking to broadcasters, film and record companies who are intersted in helping bring the Florin Street Christmas story to life. But this new music video was once again made independently, with the help of lots of enthusiastic people including the fantastic dancers of Ceroc Live in Bath, and many of the residents of Englishcombe - the location of the amazing  14th Century Tithe Barn that the video is set in.

Making the Video

This was a huge challenge! I worked with two production companies from the city of Bath, the dance group Ceroc Live, and many of the residents of Englishcombe village near Bath, which is the location of the amazing 14th Century Tithe Barn. We had to gather around 80 costumes and source the period musical instruments, including the piano. A stage was built and my sister, Kelly Haggerwood, used her artistic skills to make the Victorian decorations, along with Ella Parmar Jenkins our set designer. We built a stage and set up a bar with real beer barrels which were kindly provided by Wadworths Brewery along with the horse and cart.

It was a cold day on December 8th 2013, but that didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirits because we had a party! I think that comes across in the video because everyone was happy and enjoying themselves. It can be a long process making a music video because the shots are often filmed separately, which involves lots of stopping and starting. But everyone made the most of the food on the tables and drinks provided, and really immersed themselves in the occasion. As I found with the video for My Favourite Time of Year, everything came together as if it was meant to be - the right people, the right atmosphere and visual feel, and I couldn't have hoped for a better end result. The post production team also did a great job of editing and colour grading at films@59 in Bristol over the following week.


A special thanks to Tom Glendinning Photography for allowing us to show his photos, and also for additional ones by Kelly Haggerwood.

The Dancers:

Crew & Filming:


Set Design pieces:


Winter Wonder
Words & Music by Leigh Haggerwood

Some have lots to say,
Some have started singing,
Some already had a few jars!
We all share a wonderful thing;
All love what this season brings.
A smiling face; as Christmas bells are ringing,
They chime with every beat of our heart.

At this wonderful time, the magic is ours!
We've got Christmas on our minds and in our
hearts, 'cause it's in our hearts...


Winter Wonder, dancing through the night 'til the sun comes up,
Older, younger - just celebrate and have a good time.
We all share a wonderful thing!
Yeah tomorrow, our heads will spin!
Dance by moonlight; just leave your cares and worries behind!

At this wonderful time, the magic is ours!
We've got Christmas on our minds and in our hearts...
In our hearts,
In our hearts,
   In our hearts...

( You can hear the angels rejoice in the
heavens above)
(Children hanging stockings, and hoping St.Nicholas comes)

(Fiddle Solo)

It's a ball,
And that's not all!

It's a Winter Wonder, dancing through the night 'til the sun comes up,
Older, younger - just celebrate and have a good time.
Cause it's in our hearts...
In our hearts (repeat)

Sugar plums, stockings hung,
Fires glow, carols sung,
Holly wreaths, evergreen,
Snow makes our hearts sing.
We wish you good health,
And have yourself,
A merry Christmas.


Thank you to everyone who helped to make this video! If you don't see your name below, please get in touch.



Winter Wonder was composed, recorded, mixed and produced at The Coach House by Leigh Haggerwood.


Leigh Haggerwood – piano / vocals

Bryony Purdue – Vocals

Nina Clarke – Vocals

Poppy Pitt – Vocals

Nina Garcia – Vocals

Bethany Porter – Cello / vocals

Vaughan Jones – Violin

Ben Please – Guitar / vocals

Harry Palmer – drums / vocals

Will Hyde – Double Bass


The Music Video




Location: The Tithe Barn, Englishcombe Village, Bath.

Location Coordinator: Brian Huggett       

Researcher: Brigid Devlin

Production companies: Cinematica Media & Walk Tall Media

Director: Jackson Kingsley (Cinematica Media)

Producer: Jacqui Doughty (Walk Tall Media)

DOP: Roger Chapman

Editor: Kathleen Davis / films@59 Bristol

Camera 1: Rob McGregor

Camera 2/Asst: Jon Hackett

1st AD: Bruce Abrahams

2nd AD: Lorna Woolfsen

3rd AD: Jamie Taylor (Cinematica Media)

Runner: Tom Chambers

Runner: Adam Vine

Runner: Matt Griffiths

Runner: Lucy Rowe

Runner: Ed Tinnion

PA & Playback: Jack

Gaffer: Toby Farrar

Spark: Sam Alterskye-Knight

Photographer: Tom Glendinning







The Ceroc Live Dancers:


Choreography by:

Richard Beauvoisin

Zoe Witheridge


Helen Beck

Annemarie McConaghy

Emma Meredith

Claudine Farrer

Sara Jane Cummins

Kerry Beety

Celia Dupont

Dot Wheadon


Sam Nolan

Kirstie Roper

Frankie Rides

Mark's dance partner

Emma Holland


Kevin Hyde

Drew McConaghy

Richard Jervis

Steve Mustart

Ian Lawrance

Paul Hall

David Lawrence

Gavin Tranter

Alistair Gillies

Ronald Lee

Shaun Dobie

Matt Kubiak

Mark West

Chris Woodhouse



2013 Crowd Funding Campaign


A big thank you to the following people that pledged and donated raising £2150 towards the production costs. You helped the magic happen!


Paul Rhodes

LJ Rhodes

Andrew Nicholls

Daniel Cooney

Lotte Jakobsen

Laura Burton

Peter Haggerwood

Tracey Griffin

Top 100 Hotels Deutschland

James Ryan

Andrew Gaskell

D S Hill

Sara Kirouac

Ken Kirouac

Lucy Kirouac

Lucinda Churchill

Gerry Paquette

Marco Dickert

Alan D Lemon

Cheryl Cheese

David White

Curtis Engineering

Steffen Magelund

Brett Wraight

Patricia M. Pilon

Sam Coleman

Deborah Jackson

Laura Sequeira

Joanne Muxlow

Michael Chappell

Richard Barratt

J L Rigby

Mark Garrett

Veronica Hoard

Bruce Hutcheon

Cheryl Subject

Anita Lichtenegger

Robert Maurais

Samantha Weeden

David Burridge

Richard Shackleton

Mr C G Edmondson

Jack Whitmer

Stuart McCulloch

Ed Wood

Patricia Slatter

Set designer: Ella Parmar Jenkins

Victorian Tree Decorations: Kelly Haggerwood

Poster Artwork - Leigh Haggerwood and Kelly Haggerwood

Wadworth Brewery: Shire horses, Drey and Beer barrels

Crackers - Absolutely Crackers

Cheese makers - TBC

Carpenter - TBC

Scaffolding - TBC

Marquee - TBC

Beat about the Bush - Period musical instruments


Wardrobe and Make-up


Bath Theatrical - Russette

Bristol Costume Services - Louise

Costume: Ros Marshall

Costume Asst 1: Mia Gibbs


Make-Up: Nina-Marie Braisby

Make-Up Asst 1: David Selby

Make-Up Asst 2: Ruby Rennoldson....


Festive Hairpieces - Blanche Kern: The Honeycomb









Cliff Elliott (Featured singer)

Sue Hendry

David Rowe

Iris Scot

Rose Nightingale

Marcus Tate

Nathan Anderson Barr

Beverley Palmer

Joanna Matthews

Jessica Wyllie

Dave Rhodes

LJ Rhodes

Andrew Nicholls

Danny Thomas

Phil Courage

Adam Baillie

John Ruddock

Lucy Callaghan

Maia Eyre-Morgan




Conor Cook (drummer)

Maddie Parker

Eva Calascione

Leonardo Calascione

Max Beament

Tillie Walker

Ruby banfield

Cormac Paul

Patrick Fulton

Millie Clamp

Charlie Jones

Rory Dinwoodie









Egawati Panjei

Ernest Morrison

John Wain

Robert Lewis

Donal Tungate

Deborah Purdue

David Springer

Tom Sou

Get-Caps Petra Marz

Stuart Harley

Jill Abukarroum

Noel Moore

Sylvia Smith

Joan Greenhalgh

Robert Moy

Carol Cooper

Gary Beaumont

Walter White

Darren Roberts

Michael Lewin

Elizabeth Foss

Nancy Jussen

Veronica Lines

Norma Tinnion

Anne Barringer

Sonja Störmer

Isabelle Maitre

Michael Kratky

Patricia Harper

Michelle Gagner

Cathy Sando

James Henderson

John Pippin

Richard Byers

Thomas Debank

Jacob McKissick

Kristen McNulty

Marilyn Still

Jonathon Wagstaff

Craig Whewell

Carol Moody

Thomas Pokusa

Kristi Jalics

U-beads, Germany

Maike Marahrens

Stephen Shelton

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