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Florin Street Update:

The videos are receiving the most views ever this year! They’ve been averaging 80,000 a day which means that My Favourite Time of Year will probably be somewhere between 6 – 7 million by Christmas, and Winter Wonder passed 1 million a while ago. Unlike a lot of the most popular videos on YouTube, I have never paid for a fake view (you can easily buy millions of views, subscribers and even comments to make your video look more popular!) and I am happy about this because it means we are reaching real people all over the world, and it’s now growing rapidly. The comments and messages have been incredibly positive, and it continues to blow me away when I see all of the performances by school children, choirs, churches, theaters etc. I am going to try my best to make more videos in years to come, and the Florin Street Christmas musical will happen eventually. It was great to talk to The Florin Street Band’s favourite radio uncle, Tony Horne, on Sunday and I’ll be on Talk Radio Europe tomorrow 20th December at 4:30pm UK time. Thanks for the sighting reports at Asda, Costa, VH1, and various other TV and radio stations. The songs and videos were submitted to every major broadcaster, so the more popular this project becomes, the more likely they’ll start playing the songs and videos, and many takes requests! Don’t forget that there’s a Karaoke version of My Favourite Time of Year here, which includes the choir backing should you wish to sing a merry song this Christmas, bye for now! Leigh

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