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Huge surge in YouTube Views!!!

Since 'My Favourite Time of Year' was released in 2010, the YouTube video has received approximately 10,000 views per day from the end of November, with a gradual increase which then spikes on Christmas eve. But 2017 has been very different! On average, the video has received approximately 75,000 views per day since the end of November and this is rising daily. The majority of the views appear to be in Germany, India, USA and the UK, and the daily comments suggest that the video is reaching a wider audience than ever before. This is very exciting because it means that this video could achieve over 2 million REAL views this festive season (It's easy to pay for YouTube views these days; record companies do this to hype releases and make them look much more popular than they actually are). There is also the possibility that the video could reach a tipping point and go viral (3-5 million views within a week). Some may ask why any of this matters? In this day and age, high numbers of YouTube views are newsworthy, they also mean that a lot of people are engaging and sharing, which means a potentially huge increase in an artists fan base. If enough people click the adverts and buy the music, it will make it possible for us to make more videos and bring the entire musical to life. So I'm watching with interest and hoping that the numbers keep on growing, and I will update this blog and our Facebook page in the coming weeks :)

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