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Here you can download sheet music for the complete production of The Florin Street Band's song; Winter Wonder. The Zip folder contains both PDF and Sibelius files which are ready for printing / editing.

(The first pages of selected pdf files are displayed in the preview)


The original recording features the performances of 20 singers, 32 string players, 2 trumpeters and the band of piano, guitar, bass, drums and percussion. The song works well with any number of musicians, and the male lead vocal line can be transposed an octave above for children's choirs.


Once you have paid via PayPal, you will immediately receive a download link which will also be sent to the email address you entered during the transaction. If you have any problems, customer support is available via our contact page. Most issues arise when the email goes into people's junk email folder - so please check your junk folder and spam settings first.


Composer: Leigh Haggerwood

Please enter the composer's name and song title in any credits or programmes relating to your performances, and any music use submissions to performing rights societies.

Licence: The copyright in this work is owned by Calmsound Ltd. Each download pack is licensed to one person / location only. You, the licensee (i.e. Musical directors, event organisers etc) may print copies of the notation for distribution within your own production. You are not permitted to distribute the files or printed copies outside of your immediate production. There is no limitation on performances, but credit must be given to the composer where possible. All downloaded files contain a unique code which relates to your transaction; if the files are discovered on the internet or any other location, you will be held responsible for breach of copyright, so please act responsibly. Further information and advice can be obtained by contacting The Florin Street Band. 

Complete Score - Winter Wonder

  • This pack contains the following notation:

    Full Score
    Lead Vocals
    Backing Vocals
    Drums & percussion
    Double Bass
    Acoustic Guitar
    Violin 1
    Violin 2
    Bell Tree & Sleigh Bells
    Bonus: Piano & Vocals
    Bonus: Guitar & vocals

    (The first pages of selected pdf files are displayed in the preview)

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