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Winter Wonder
Winter Wonder

The Winter Wonder is a Christmas celebration like no other! The good people of Florin Street come together to sing and dance at the finale of the Florin Street musical. Find out more here.

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Click here to find out how the Florin Street story began with My Favourite Time of Year, and go behind-the-scenes of this award-winning Christmas production, from the recording sessions to the Victorian music video shoot.

Light Our Way is our most recent release. This love song forms part of the Florin Street musical which is currently in development. Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Leigh Haggerwood - Christmas 1898

theme to ITV's Text Santa Christmas appeal, and has been performed by thousands of schools, choirs and orchestras, including the US Army Band. As you'll discover here, this is an independent production which is still finding its way in the world with no financial backing, and so relies completely on word of mouth. Please join us on Facebook and help spread the word by sharing the videos this Christmas, and if you'd be kind enough to buy a copy, you'll really help us to keep going. Thank you and have a wonderful festive season! Leigh Haggerwood.

Thank you for supporting The Florin Street Band: a unique Victorian-themed Christmas music project that I created to try to bring back some magic with original, heart-warming Christmas songs. I've been amazed at the response to My Favourite Time of Year so far, having received thousands of messages from people all over the world. This has inspired me to keep going and to create an entire Florin Street musical! Since the initial release in 2010, this project has raised money for children's charities, become the

Welcome to Florin Street!

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